You are currently viewing Spooky Data Analytics Reports: Halloween Marketing to Boost SEO

Spooky Data Analytics Reports: Halloween Marketing to Boost SEO

Spooky Data Analytics Reports: Halloween Marketing to Boost SEO

At B3 Media Solutions, not only do we love pulling insights, but we also love Halloween. As advocates for social and search listening, we wanted to highlight the fantastic work brands do with incorporating social listening into their marketing and methodologies. 


The Importance of Blogs and SEO 

Blogs are important to help drive organic traffic to your website and to help improve your SEO or search engine optimization. A whopping 70-80% of users ignore paid advertising, so jumping on to fun holiday trends like Halloween is a fantastic way to boost your website’s performance while showing that your brand can have a bit of fun and be more relatable. 


DISH’S Top Halloween Kids Movie 

halloween marketing using data analytics for most popular kids movies by state

Did you know that Scooby-Doo is the most-searched kid’s Halloween movie on Google? DISH constructed a Google Trends search to discover what Halloween movie is the “most popular” for kids in every state. DISH is a television provider, so looking for the “most-searched-for” Halloween movies not only fits their brand but also gives them valuable information when forming their programs. 

They collected a list of Halloween movies that were rated “PG” or “G”. After using SEMRush to find the highest-ranking keywords, they then put their query into Google Trends to find each state’s most searched-for movies. (Check out our Search Listening blog to learn more about how to utilize search listening.)


Lombardo Homes Most Popular Halloween Decorations 

halloween marketing using data analytics for most popular halloween decorations by state

Lombardo Homes, a house-building company, produced an exquisite report on America’s most popular Halloween decorations. They broke down not only the most popular decorations in the U.S., but also by state, city, and even which part of a house people decorate the most. They also discovered that 71% of Americans plan on decorating their homes this year and, on average, spend $61 a year on decorations. However, with inflation, 49% of people are planning on spending less than they normally would. 

We can really geek out over a beautiful report, but this is another great example of targeting your niche audience for a holiday-inspired post. As home builders, relating Halloween specifically to decor not only makes sense but can also help bring people interested in home design to their website. 


Google’s Frightgeist 

halloween marketing using data analytics for most popular halloween costumes by state

No spooky analytics blog would be complete without Google’s very own Frightgeist. Google compiled the top 500 searches and created the list of the most searched-for costumes locally and nationally through their Google News Initiative. 

Their site is akin to an older slasher flick, with grainy black-and-white film filters and spooky music. Google even has a Costume Wizard that generates a costume based on “Spookiness Level” and “Uniqueness Level”. It offers insightful and valuable information while also being fun that non-marketers or business owners would enjoy using. 

When you need to leverage unique, actionable insights from social and search listening to elevate your marketing campaigns, we can help. Be sure to check out our 30-minute free consultation and see why some of the top Fortune 500 brands choose to work with us.


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