About Us

B3 Founders

B3 Media Solutions, Inc. was founded as an agency to harness the power of social and video intelligence data to provide brands insights for their toughest digital/social analytic problems. After speaking with countless stakeholders about their social and web data pain points, we knew we could add value in this area for brands and agencies alike.

The social media analytics market is growing rapidly because of the transition from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) techniques to advanced analytics techniques and the massive surge in the number of social media users. B3 Media Solutions, Inc. is your trusted partner to handle this transition and work with your business to translate your social and web data into insights and award-winning strategies.

Collectively, we have over 25 years of market research, social media, and enterprise level client experience that we’d love to put to work for you.

Our Core Principles

Client Obsession

We start with the client and work backwards. Our goal is to earn and keep client trust. Our competitors are on our radar; however client satisfaction is at the heart of why we do what we do.

Take The Lead

We NEVER say “that’s not my job”. We think like entrepreneurs on behalf of our clients. We are constantly seeking ways to improve their business and looking out for threats. We think long term and don’t sacrifice long term value for short-term results.

Insatiably Curious

We are unquenchable when it comes to learning. Our team is always on the hunt for new methodologies, frameworks, and technologies to improve client results as well as ourselves.

RockStar Mentality

We are relentless when it comes to ensuring our clients are rockstars, so our standards are high, incredibly high. Our goal is to constantly raise the bar, producing high quality reports, insights, and solutions.


Honesty to a fault. If we make a mistake, we own it and immediately move to rectify it.

How It Started

Co-founders Barika Croom and Myra Bell have a proven track record of bringing enterprise level data to life and are uniquely skilled at humanizing reporting. Having worked with a myriad of well-known brands in the social media space, we’ve learned how to create measurable solutions adding value to their bottom line.

Due to their track record and passion for the industry, co-founder Thomas Bell encouraged the team to carve their own path into the social media intelligence landscape. Fueled by his entrepreneurial mindset, 30 years of successful business and sales experience, he partnered with the dynamic duo and B3 Media Solutions was officially formed and incorporated.

Our Philosophy

It is our goal to set a new standard for Social Media/Online market research and analysis by delivering real, actionable, and deeply intuitive insights.

3 Founders

Who are creating a new kind of business

All Star Team

Who create value for each client

24/7 Support

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25+ Years Experience

We have the experience, and use it!

The future is bright.

Our vision is to provide results to our clients through valuable insightanalysis, and proven strategies.

Our Skills…

In-depth Digital Marketing Analysis, Web Analytics, and Influencer Marketing are the primary services we provide. The goal of B3 Media Solutions Inc. is to profitably service and grow with a small select group of clients while creating a corporate culture of shared learning, creativity, and giving.