Meet the Team

B3 Media Solutions, Inc. was created to develop data and reporting solutions for brands’ toughest digital/social analytic problems. After speaking with countless stakeholders about their social and web data pain points, we knew we could add value in this area for brands and agencies alike.

The social media analytics market is growing rapidly because of the transition from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) techniques to advanced analytics techniques and the massive surge in the number of social media users. B3 Media Solutions, Inc. is your trusted partner to handle this transition and partner with your business to translate your social and web data into actionable insights you can act upon.

Collectively, we have over 25 years of market research, social media, and enterprise level client experience that we’d love to put to work for you.

Thomas R. Bell

CEO & Co-Founder

Strategy, operations and organizational behavior specialist. Serial entrepreneur. Focused on team building and business growth.

Barika Phillips Bell

CMO & Co-Founder

End-to-End Marketing and Advertising Superstar. Master Webmaster. Social Media Maven. You Need It, We Have Seen Her Do It.

Myra Francois Bell

CFO/COO & Co-Founder

Manager of Operations and Financials. Keeps Team Focused On The Goal – Adding Value To All Customers.

Natalie Michel

Sr. Strategist

Sandra Mendez


Andre Bell


Sarah Boose


Analytics Team

Data Crushers

It takes a special person to look at lots of numbers and moving charts without passing out. Our analytics team uses numbers as their morning cup of joe. They are able to transform numbers and symbols into plain english that any enterprise can use to effectively plan their next business step. This team can truly accelerate your business decisions at c = λf. Hint: speed of light.

All World Team Members

Five Star Service

Social Listening Team

Soulcially Conscious

These guys live social media and truly understands how it works, who uses it, why it is used and when it is being used. They turn the how-who-why-when into actionable items that can take your efforts from flailing in the dark to laser focused execution. Strap in because you’re only a click away from getting truly socially active.

Interested in becoming part of our team?

Finding others who share our passion for digital marketing is always refreshing. If you want to refresh our existence…well you know what to do.