Our Services

Our firm is laser-focused on data analyticsand reporting to give you better, smarter results to ensure you are investing wisely and seeing the greatest return on your online efforts.

If you need unique and comprehensive data solutions or reporting, look no further! Your business goals and objectives are the cornerstones of our analytic solutions. We have years of experience measuring and analyzing brand and social metrics across a number of different industries, so you can trust we are adept in analyzing your data and providing you with insights you can actually use.

Digital Analytic Measurement & Listening

In the vast world that is digital marketing, there’s practically (and arguably) nothing you can’t measure. Though it may appear to be a good thing, there are downsides – simply because you can measure everything doesn’t mean that you should, and this is where the confusion sparks. You should only focus on a fraction of what you can measure, and know how to get to the rest should you need to measure it in the future.

We work with our clients by helping them to answer 3 main questions:

  • What to measure?
  • How to measure it?
  • What to do with what you’ve measured?

Whether your reporting needs are weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an ad hoc basis, the data team at B3 Media Solutions acts as an extension of your internal team to provide reporting that answers your business questions and provides insights to help move your business forward!


Our Workflow

The B3 team constantly analyzes and optimizes our clients’ marketing data to help them achieve extraordinary results. Our detailed process ensures that we are perpetually working to effectively improve upon each clients’ strategy.

DataMix For Brands Or Agencies

ANY Data, ANY Source, ALL Teams or Agencies

Are you spending hours gathering marketing data from your agencies, different departments, and/or media tools, then importing it to Excel, only to create a PowerPoint to show your efforts? Ask us how we can help you eradicate over 90% of that effort with DataMix, a first of its kind marketing data aggregation platform.