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August 2022 Social Media Platform Updates

August 2022 Platform Updates

In August, short-form video content is the prime focus for major companies such as Meta and YouTube. Being able to repurpose content is also a new priority for tech companies as they compete to keep users on their apps for as long as possible.  Here are the latest social media platform updates:


Twitter continues vamping its Twitter Spaces with a new layout and features. If you are unfamiliar, Twitter Spaces are live audio conversations that users can join. Twitter will now be organizing spaces by topics in users’ layouts, making it easier to find the conversations people really want to join. In the screenshot below taken by tech developer Alessandro Paluzzi, you can see that Twitter is also actively working on new topics for spaces. 

In addition, Twitter Spaces rolled out a new feature that allows users to create Clips. A clip is a captured moment that anyone in the space can create, including listeners who are not participating actively in the conversation. Be careful what you say when in a Twitter Space; all talking in the clip will be recorded, and all activity is public. The clips expire after thirty days. 

"Lay out of the new social media platform update from Twitter Spaces and how to clip audio "


Pinterest analytics are now available through the mobile app, which is great for creators and marketers on the go. The analytics are available in real-time for pins, though they do not offer real-time data for audience metrics. This update will let people know if major moves happen when you have not logged into their website analytics. This can help alert you to crisis management problems or allow you to see time-sensitive issues when you do not have access to a computer. 

Pinterest social media platform update analytics mobile dashboard


Meta has announced that on October 1st, they will no longer allow users to host any Live Shopping events through Facebook. Facebook live, launched in 2018, was a way for creators to boost their revenue by selling products while interacting with consumers. 

They believe that users are shifting toward short-form video content and will therefore focus on Reels for Instagram and Facebook. Instagram, however, will continue to have Live Shopping. Until now, Meta had been continuing to roll out new features, such as Live Shopping for Creators in November of 2021, in an attempt for creators to easily work with brand collaborations. They even pushed Live Shopping Fridays in the summer of 2021 to help encourage brands to use Live Shopping for brand awareness. 

With TikTok also rolling back its plans to expand live e-commerce, this may be the end of live shopping outside of Asia, where it’s become more popular. 



YouTube is now adding a ”New Cut”  section in creator studios, making it easier for people to trim their videos into shorter segments. The new user interface makes “New Cut” an easy-to-use feature on the YouTub Creator Studio app.  

When needed, this helps creators to repurpose their videos for YouTube Shorts, which according to the tech giant, has 1.5 billion users.

YouTube Studios new update of cut"

Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest social media updates and marketing trends as social media platforms compete for audience and creator retention. If you need direction on which social platforms are best for your brand or how to take advantage of these new updates, head to our website for a 30-minute free consultation. 

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