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Latest Social Media App Updates | May 2022

May 2022 Social Media Platform Updates: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube’s Latest Updates!

Media platforms constantly change and update their features as they try to retain users. Keep an eye out for these three latest updates!


The newest Instagram update is Meta’s latest attempt to catch up with TikTok. Continuing their trend of shifting Instagram to be more video-focused, the platform will now be testing full-screen videos akin to Tiktok. As Social Media Today pointed out, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi had spotted this change being tested back in March. But, even if you missed it, Instagram’s quest to become more like TikTok is nothing new. 

According to the Meta 2022 Q1 earnings report, reels make up 20% of users’ screen time on Instagram, while all video makes up 50% of users’ time on Facebook. At this time, as TechCrunch notes, Stories are staying at the top of the bar. It’s unclear how Stories will be integrated into this new feed, as Meta utilizes Story ads in a way TikTok does not. 


Twitter is publicly testing more audience control through what are essentially private chats with a new feature called “Twitter Circle”. You can add up to 150 accounts to your Circle. Not only will they be the only accounts who can see your Tweets, but they will even be notified. Social Media Today has pointed out that this update doesn’t really address new issues. Twitter already has Twitter Lists for people to stay in contact with closer friends and important connections. Only 150 users is still a rather intimate number that DMs can already be used for and is too small for influencers to offer paid tiered options like Discord. This is a public test, so Twitter Circles may ultimately look different in the future.



Youtube is now giving users access to Key Moments and cross-channel redirects on mobile. At B3 Media Solutions, we love our data, so we’re excited about this new update! If you’re unfamiliar with Key Moments, they’re an analytic metric that helps you understand what points of your video had the highest audience retention. They also added a video player compatibility to allow interactions with the corresponding part of the video. 

Cross channel redirect allows creators with at least 1,000 subscribers to redirect viewers to other channels that have been approved in the creator studio. 


Social media platforms are constantly looking for new ways to cater to their creators and keep audiences from moving over to other platforms. Be sure to stay up to date with the industry’s latest updates by following us on our socials and signing up for our newsletters!

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