You are currently viewing B3’s #SocialHitList for February 2022

B3’s #SocialHitList for February 2022

B3’s #SocialHitList for February 2022 (Our Top Social Platform Updates)

2022 has kicked off to a great start with a number of changes on social platforms all designed to put pressure on TikTok, who is currently winning in the social space – at least with GenZ. So far, many of the changes have been to enable the creators on a platform, whether it be monetization or access to more features that cater to creation. As always, take a moment, as you’re reading our blog to think about how you can integrate a few of these tools and features in your social media strategy

Our #SocialHit List So Far in 2022

Meta Is In The REEL Business

While it’s no secret the social behemoth has leaned into video full throttle, as well as the Metaverse, they recently rolled out Facebook Reels to everyone. According to Meta, it is now available in 150 countries for creators to engage and grow their audiences. This new feature includes Remix (akin to TikTok’s Stich), the ability to share your reel to Facebook stories and Facebook Watch, and additional monetization features to help creators on the platform earn more money. 

To make it easier for consumers to find and create reels, Meta has added a Reels label at the top of Feed so you can create and watch reels with just a few clicks. They’re even adding a“Suggest Reels You May Like” functionality to make it easier for you to find reels from people you’re not already following. 


How To Capitalize On This Now: If your brand already has a strong Reel strategy, now is the time to dust off those top-performing reels on IG and take them for a spin on Facebook. You may find that your audience on Facebook prefers completely different content than what is consumed on Instagram, but it doesn’t hurt to put your best foot forward as you test out what the feature can do for your brand or business. Additionally, when Meta rolls out a feature as significant as Reels for their social platform, it’s best to hop on ASAP, as first-movers tend to reap engagement and follower rewards.


CreatorTube is Taking over YouTube


In an effort to capitalize on the creators on its platform, YouTube has ramped up the monetization features available to creators. In a recent blog post from the Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, rolls out some of the new releases available or soon available on the platform. While YouTube Shorts is still a new-ish feature that is their answer to TikTok and Reels, the platform is keen on increasing its functionality and the ways creators can get paid from them. Some of the new features include:

  • BrandConnect – YouTube has streamlined the way creators and brands can work together to help turn viewers into customers all while gleaning meaningful insights on their behaviors, emotions, and comments. 
  • Live Shopping – YouTube will have their answer to Amazon and TikTok’s live shopping feature which will include shoppable videos. Viewers will be able to interact with creators as they discuss their product hauls, new product drops or unboxings, and any creator-exclusive deals. 
  • Collaborative Livestreaming – With an increase in the daily live watch time on the channel, YouTube is introducing “collaborative livestreaming” which will now allow creators to “go live” together enabling them to generate even more interactive content for their audiences. This is in a move to help creators grow their networks and reach as well as build a greater sense of community around a specific topic.

How To Capitalize On This Now: With YouTube ramping up their monetization offers for creators, they’ll be even more motivated to work with brands that align with their interests. This presents brands with an opportunity to seek out and work with creators to showcase new products and services, as well as provide education and more in-depth engagement with both the brand and creators of choice. Additionally, with collaborative livestreaming brands can increase engagement and audience reach. For brands with products, shoppable videos can be an additional avenue to generate revenue; something that smaller brands should absolutely capitalize on while there is a low barrier to entry. 


Private Story Likes Are Now Available on IG

Instagram has finally enabled “Story Likes” as a new way consumers can engage with story content on the platform. Instead of having to DM the creator, which is kind of annoying, you can share your interest right in the story. “Story Likes” are private and do not have counts, rather they simply show up as hearts next to a persons’ handle. The new metric is definitely a great way to increase Stories engagement, but we suspect it will also be used to rank the Stories shown in your feed based on interest. Although Instagram has not blatantly said this as of yet, we know from past product roll outs, it is definitely a possibility.  However, this minor change now moves Stories more in line with TikTok’s functionality, which rely on engagement signals for ranking. This lovely gift was presented to the world on Valentine’s Day – what a way to show and share the love! 

How To Capitalize On This Now: Brands can spur on the “liking” behavior simply by adding a sticker within a story to get fans to like the story. It’s a great low-touch way consumers can engage with what they are seeing in Stories.


Creators Takeover LinkedIn


In an effort to encourage the “Professional Creators” on the platform, LinkedIn rolled out its own version of “Creator Mode”. It is simply a profile setting on your dashboard that helps users grow and reach their audience on LinkedIn. Once turned on, users get access to additional tools and features for content creation and audience growth. Here are a few features of creator mode: 

  • Instead of a “Connect Button”, it changes to “Follow” to encourage people to follow your account rather than connect directly. 
  • Your profile now displays the topic you post about most in the form of hashtags. Now members can find your content easier and follow you for updates. 
  • LinkedIn will now highlight your original content by placing your “Featured & Activity” sections front and center. 
  • Eligibility to be featured as a “Suggested Creator”
  • Access to LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletter  (access rules differ depending on the creator tool)


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