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Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg –

Three LOOOONNNG nights in America and we STILL have no idea who is going to be in charge of Congress for the next two years. Its looks like them DEM’s beat that Republican a.. …dvantage in some places and slowed what history suggests could have been RED NOVEMBER.

Why did the voters hit the polls? Inflation was the No. 1 issue for 31%…. As wild as it may seem to them 27% – said their top issue was… You guessed it; reproductive rights!! …according to exit polls. ABORTION RIGHTS WON across the country, even in red states.

As we wait to learn the balance of power in America, it is worth pausing to think about what is the bigger story. TW-Elon or #META-CRASH.

My vote is on Twitter & Elon.

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